Take Control of Your Digital Life with Me We & Blockchain

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•Me We Social Network has integrated Blockchain to ensure user control.
•The goal is to give users unique social identities that are owned by the individuals.
•The integration of blockchain into the system provides users with access to Web 3-based protocols and services.

Me We Social Network Integrates Blockchain

Me We, an up-and-coming social media platform, has adopted the Frequency blockchain as a way to connect more users and bring about new internet revolutions. The goal of integrating blockchain into its system is to give users unique social identities that are fully owned by individuals they’re issued to and this move is a big step away from how traditional platforms handle user data.

Benefits of Blockchain Integration

This move will give all users more control over what they do and what happens to their data. With these social identities, users will also have access to a wide array of new Web3-based protocols and services the company plans on introducing. This breakthrough enables a bridge for Web 2.0 apps to connect their existing user bases to Web3 value and opens blockchain for use cases beyond DeFi.

Leadership Perspectives

Braxton Woodham – president of Amplica Labs – stated in an interview: “Frequency breaks the price barrier so blockchain technology can be used to decentralize social at massive scale” Jeffrey Edell – CEO and chairman of Me We – also noted: “Since our founding, Me We has surpassed industry norms to protect individuals’ digital rights…we seek to be a leader in bringing into existence a world in which people, not corporations, control the way digital spaces work.“

Project Liberty Supports Initiative

Frank McCourt – founder and executive chairman of Project Liberty and McCourt Global – said: „We are furthering this commitment by literally handing control of data over to our users.“ The goals of the social organization flow directly with those of blockchain, which was initially designed for giving users more independence and autonomy from middlemen or third parties when transacting online.


By integrating blockchain technology into its platform, Me We seeks to provide its users with increased control over their own data while enabling them access to new web3-based protocols and services that would otherwise be inaccessible without it.