MicroStrategy CEO: Bitcoin is the Future

MicroStrategy’s CEO expresses his confidence in Bitcoin, after the currency generated over $300 million in revenue for them.

Without a doubt, one of the most successful companies of the year 2020 has been MicroStrategy. And it has not been so because of its business strategies or great performance in its sector. It is because of the company’s massive investment in Bitcoin, which has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to date. With MicroStrategy’s CEO assuring that Bitcoin is the future in today’s Tweet

MicroStrategy made over $300 million from Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Continues to Support Bitcoin

The most important trend for the crypto world in this year 2020 has been the entrance of traditional companies to the crypt coin market. And it is not only institutional investors who have bet millions of dollars on BTC. Companies such as Square and MicroStrategy have also acquired a large amount of crypto currency as a store of value.

Thus, in the case of MicroStrategy, the business intelligence software company began investing in Bitcoin in August of this year. Initially acquiring $250 million, which soon increased to $475 million. In a move that has already generated more than $300 million in profits for the company.

However, contrary to what anyone might think, the success of this investment has not led MicroStrategy to sell its Bitcoins and capitalize on the profits in the face of a possible drop in the BTC share price. On the contrary, the company seems to have intentions of continuing to invest in cryptomoney, which can be concluded from the last tweet of its CEO Michael Saylor:

„Bitcoin is the world’s best value reserve asset and the dominant emerging money network. It is the solution to the problem of storing value that faces every individual, corporation and government on earth.

MicroStrategy’s CEO continues to rely on Bitcoin in the midst of its biggest rally.

With this message, Saylor shows his absolute confidence in the future of cryptomoney. A position that makes sense, now that Bitcoin has finally surpassed $20,000, in a bullish rally that looks like it won’t end anytime soon.

Bitcoin Cash, Cosmos, Dash Price Analysis

MassMutual è stato recentemente nelle notizie dopo aver acquistato $ 100 milioni di Bitcoin , notizia a cui il miliardario Mike Novogratz ha risposto come „potrebbe essere la notizia BTC più importante del 2020“. Sulla scia di un tale sviluppo, Bitcoin Cash ha mostrato una divergenza rialzista sui grafici ed è salito verso il livello di resistenza a $ 267.

Più in basso nella crypto-ladder, Cosmos e Dash hanno registrato perdite negli ultimi giorni, a seguito dei quali hanno notato un rimbalzo del prezzo nelle ore prima del momento della stampa

Va notato, tuttavia, che le loro performance negli ultimi due mesi sono notevolmente diverse, dando un contesto ai loro movimenti di prezzo.

Bitcoin Cash è sceso da $ 288 a $ 256, con un calo dell’11,3% in cinque giorni. Questo è stato accanto alla discesa di Bitcoin da $ 19.200 a $ 17.600. Proprio come Bitcoin, anche BCH ha mostrato una divergenza rialzista sul grafico a 4 ore tra il prezzo e l’indicatore di momentum (RSI).

Il prezzo ha formato un minimo più basso mentre l’RSI ha formato un minimo più alto (arancione) e, successivamente, BCH è salito per testare il livello di resistenza a $ 267. Tuttavia, è stato anche in una tendenza al ribasso dai massimi locali di $ 354 a novembre e l’RSI ha mostrato uno slancio neutro al momento della redazione.

La resistenza della linea di tendenza, insieme al livello orizzontale di resistenza a $ 267, fornirebbe molte informazioni sulla direzione di BCH nelle prossime ore

Un rifiuto qui potrebbe portare a un periodo di consolidamento a 255 $, mentre un ribaltamento del livello di resistenza potrebbe avviare un altro trend rialzista a breve termine.

Cosmos ha registrato un trend al ribasso dal massimo locale a 6,4 $ registrato a fine novembre. Da allora, sia il prezzo che l‘ OBV hanno registrato una serie di massimi inferiori.

Il calo più recente nel mercato delle altcoin ha visto anche le perdite postali di ATOM, con una sessione di trading chiusa a $ 4,5. Tuttavia, le sessioni successive hanno visto un’attività di trading significativa e anche il prezzo è salito a $ 4,85, al momento della scrittura.

L‘ indicatore Aroon ha mostrato che una tendenza al ribasso era ancora in gioco. Al di sopra del livello di $ 4,8, $ 5 fungerebbe anche da livello di resistenza adeguato.

Research shows Millennial Generation finds it safer to invest in Bitcoin than in gold

Larger cryptomeda continues to steal gold space in investment markets.

Research shows Millennial Generation finds it safer to invest in Bitcoin than in ouroNOTÍCIAS

A survey by deVere Group published this week revealed that the Millennial generation feels safer investing in Bitcoin than in gold. The survey was published by Yahoo! and Exame.

Bitcoin Market sponsors Brazil’s biggest swimming competition and will award athletes with Bitcoin for the first time in history
The survey interviewed 700 people born between 1980 and 1996 in North America, the United Kingdom, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

67% of people responded that they are more likely to invest in Bitcoin than in gold to protect their investments. deVere Group CEO Nigel Green commented:

„Since ancient Egypt, gold has always been of immense value, and has long been revered as the ultimate refuge. It has always been an indispensable asset in times of political, social, and economic uncertainty, as it is expected to retain its value or even grow when other assets fall, thus allowing investors to reduce their exposure to losses.

Nubank Investors Put $62 Million in Expansion of Bitcoin Exchanges in Brazil
Green went further in his predictions and said Bitcoin is proving it can replace gold as a „safe haven“ investment:

„As this research reveals, Bitcoin may dethrone it as the millennium generation and younger investors, who are the so-called ‚digital natives,‘ believe it is better than gold as a safe haven asset. Milleniums are expected to become increasingly relevant market participants in the coming years, with the largest transfer of wealth in history, estimated at more than $60 trillion.

In addition, deVere Group’s CEO argues that Bitcoin has become a kind of „digital gold“, profiting from the digitalisation of societies in the face of the pandemic and proving that its performance in the face of the 2020 global crisis is safer than gold:

„In 2020, a year of unprecedented financial turmoil, the value of Bitcoin has risen by 170%. The Bitcoin has existed for just over a decade, but already accounts for more than 3% of the gold market cap 9 trillion dollars. As the world becomes more technological and milleniums become a more dominant part of the world economy, we should expect Bitcoin to also play an increasingly influential role in financial markets, especially as a ‚recession-proof‘ asset“.

While gold loses capital, cryptomaniac funds receive huge inflows
This is not the first time that research and major players in the crypto and financial market have drawn attention to the Millennials‘ preference for investing in Bitcoin.

In September, an investment bank executive Morgan Stanley said Millennials are preferring to invest in BTC rather than gold, as this week’s survey reinforced.

As early as January 2020, the data also revealed that investment in Bitcoin already has a preference over other important financial market investments, such as Netflix or Apple shares.

Bitcoin verslaat goud en zilver als USD is verpletterend: Robert Kiyosaki

Beroemde belegger in onroerend goed, Bitcoin, zilver en goud, Robert Kiyosaki, is naar Twitter gegaan om de Amerikaanse dollar opnieuw te slaan en de gemeenschap eraan te herinneren dat Bitcoin op dit moment andere veilige haven activa aan het verslaan is.

„Bitcoin boom die goud en zilver verslaat“

De auteur van het boek over financiële geletterdheid, genaamd „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, Kiyosaki, zegt dat tijdens de Bitcoin-boom die de wereld dit jaar in Q3-Q4 heeft meegemaakt, Bitcoin sneller groeit dan andere inflatie-hedge activa – goud en zilver.

Het verhaal dat hij aan het begin van het jaar regelmatig op Twitter deelde, voortzettend, heeft de ondernemer en non-fictieschrijver Kiyosaki in zijn tweet opnieuw gezegd dat de USD stervende is als gevolg van de belangrijkste factoren.

Dat zijn de Chinese pandemie, de lockdown die volgde en de economische stimuleringsmaatregelen waarmee de Amerikaanse regering reageerde, door meer dan $6 trl USD te drukken voor reddingsoperaties en in stimuleringscheques voor de Amerikaanse bevolking die meer banen verloor dan tijdens de Grote Depressie in 1929-1930.

Bitcoin rolt terug onder $16.000

Op 21 oktober slaagde het vlaggenschip van de munt erin de 12.000 dollar aan weerstand te overwinnen en sindsdien is de groei ervan versneld.

De 14.000 dollar werd op 4 november stevig overschreden, volgens de gegevens die CoinMarketCap heeft gedeeld. Een week later handelde BTC al boven de $15.000.

Op 12 november brak Bitcoin Future boven het $16.000 niveau en kwam nooit zo dicht bij de ATH van 2017 van bijna $20.000. Echter, na het bereiken van de $16.400 zone, keerde BTC terug en nam een stap terug onder $16.000.

In de perstijd zit de grootste digitale valuta ter wereld op 15.871 dollar, volgens CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin market capitalization hits new all-time high, overtaking JPMorgan

Bitcoin is even now overtaking JPMorgan in terms of market capitalization. Shortly before, the bank’s CEO had said that Bitcoin was „not my thing“.

In the midst of the parabolic bull run, Bitcoin System reached another major milestone in terms of its market capitalization.

He was able to briefly overtake the American banking giant JPMorgan

On November 24, crossed Bitcoin for the first time since December 2017, the mark of 19,000 US dollars, achieving a further all-time record in terms of market capitalization.

At press time, Bitcoin’s market capitalization is $ 352 billion. 24 hours earlier it was still at $ 345 billion.

JPMorgan’s market cap on Nov. 23 was $ 349 billion, according to data from Macro Trends. JPMorgan’s market cap fell as low as $ 258 billion earlier in the year.

The company’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, has spoken out as a Bitcoin critic. In 2017 he named the most important cryptocurrency „fraud“ and „swindle“

Dimon hasn’t changed his negative stance on BTC despite the bull run of the plans of big companies like PayPal to want to use Bitcoin. At the New York Times‘ DealBook Online Summit on November 18, Dimon compared cryptocurrency to blockchain networks with regulatory scrutiny. He explained: „Bitcoin is somehow different and not my thing.“

Despite the CEO’s skepticism about Bitcoin , JPMorgan told investors in October 2020 that „the long-term upside potential for Bitcoin is substantial“. This suggests that the BTC rate would double or triple over the long term.

Max Keizer berömmer Bitcoin naysayer Ray Dalio för att acceptera krypto

Ray Dalio redo att acceptera Bitcoin

Max Keizer tänker inte mycket på Peter Schiff
Michael Saylor, en annan kryptokonverterare

Den populära sändnings- och kryptojournalisten Max Keizer har lovordat den amerikanska filantropen och kryptonaysayer Ray Dalio för att ha öppnat att han har tagit fel på Bitcoin hela tiden.

Max Keizer var full av beröm för miljardären efter att han erkände att han skulle älska att bli korrigerad på Bitcoins tidigare påståenden. Dalio, som tidigare var ett kryptonaysayer, har gjort flera antikryptokommentarer tidigare.

Han trodde att Bitcoin Era volatilitet inte kunde göra det till ett bytesmedel. Han hävdade alltid att kryptor misslyckas med pengarna.
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Tre viktiga faktorer som driver konsumenternas köp- och investeringsbeslut

Dalio öppnade sitt sinne för Bitcoin efter att priset bröt över $ 18 000. Investerare som miljardären Paul Tudor Jones III och Stan Druckenmiller började göra stora avkastningar. Dalio var tvungen att besluta att göra mer forskning om Bitcoin. Filantropen har utsatts för skott från andra kryptonösenare som han för att ha uppmärksammat Bitcoin.

Vad Max Keizer tycker om Peter Schiff

Max Keizer tänker inte mycket på Peter Schiff, en annan krypto-naysayer som omedelbart rådde Dalio att inte ändra Bitcoin.
Schiff sa att Dalio inte saknade någonting, och hans kritik är på plats.

Max Keizer avslöjade att han hade slagit Bitcoin till Schiff när krypton var $ 1000 och $ 10.000. Keizer avslutade med att säga att Schiff inte är så smart och saknar intelligens för att smälta nya idéer.
Michael Saylor, en annan kryptokonverterare efter Dalio

Innan Dalio brukade MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor vara anti-krypto men har vänt sig hausse på den digitala tillgången.
2013 förutspådde Saylor Bitcoins död. VD sa att kryptos dagar är räknade, och mycket snart skulle det drabbas av samma tro som onlinespel. Då handlade BTC cirka 1200 dollar.

#Bitcoin dagar är räknade. Det verkar som bara en tidsfråga innan det lider av samma öde som onlinespel.
– Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) 19 december 2013

Sedan dess pratade Saylor aldrig offentligt om Bitcoin förrän han avslöjade MicroStrategys kryptoinvestering. VD drog MicroStrategy till att investera i Bitcoin, som han säger att de kommer att hålla fast på lång sikt.
Personligen avslöjade han också att han har cirka 240 miljoner dollar i Bitcoin. Med Dalio och Saylors crypto u-turn, i kombination med Bitcoin-pris säkert nyligen, kan kryptosamhället få fler nya aktörer snart.

How Joe Biden’s election could affect Bitcoin in the short term

Joe Biden’s presidency could initially have three effects on Bitcoin’s price development.

On November 7th, after four long days of counting votes, several news outlets proclaimed Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden as election winner and thus President of the USA.

The uncertainty about the election outcome is over, which is why the crypto analysts can now grapple with the possible effects of a Biden presidency on the industry and on the Immediate Edge price. The three decisive forces that can initially be assumed are new aid payments for the economy, a stronger US dollar and a resurgent stock market.

Aid packages could also help Bitcoin

Before the election, the incumbent President Donald Trump announced that he would not hold talks about further aid packages for the economy until after the election. Accordingly, Democrats and Republicans no longer came to a common denominator.

Biden’s victory increases the likelihood that there could be a new aid package before the end of the year. The American Congress already had cash injections of 2.2 trillion in October. US dollar proposed , but rejected by the Republican Senate, which has a majority.

New corona aid payments could also have a positive effect on Bitcoin, because this would ease the financial situation for many households and companies in the USA. If the US economy is successfully stimulated, the willingness of investors to invest in speculative investment products such as the market-leading cryptocurrency increases.

The perception of Bitcoin is changing more and more from a speculative investment product to a means of hedging against inflation. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin price often moves in step with the stock markets, so even if interest in speculative investment products does not return immediately, an economic upswing could also fuel the crypto market leader.

A strong US dollar would be bad for BTC

If the Biden administration were to actually pass new aid packages, it will likely strengthen the US dollar as well. When the European Union (EU) initiated aid payments for its part, this gave the euro a boost, which is why it can be assumed that the same will apply to the US dollar.

The US dollar has been weakening against the reserve currencies since March. This was to the advantage of stores of value like gold and bitcoin, which traded in the currency pair with the US dollar and could benefit from its weakness.

If the possible aid payments should stimulate the economy and strengthen the willingness of investors to invest, this would initially have a positive effect on Bitcoin, but a strengthened US dollar would exert selling pressure on the crypto currency in the long term.

MicroStrategy ohjaa Hope.comin Bitcoiniin 425 miljoonan dollarin BTC-oston jälkeen

MicroStrategy osti 425 miljoonaa dollaria Bitcoinista tänä kesänä.

MicroStrategy on ohjannut Hope.comin Bitcoiniin

MicroStrategy osti 425 miljoonaa dollaria Bitcoinia tänä kesänä.

Sen toimitusjohtaja on mainostanut kolikkoa Twitterissä.

Ne, jotka etsivät toivoa verkossa, löytävät sen Bitcoinista . Ei välttämättä tarkoituksella, vaan siksi, että MicroStrategy, yhdysvaltalainen ohjelmistoyritys, joka osti äskettäin 425 miljoonaa dollaria Bitcoinista , on ohjannut hope.com verkkotunnuksen Bitcoin Circuit koskeviin koulutusresursseihin .

Nämä resurssit sisältävät suurelta osin lehdistöaineistoa, joka selittää miksi MicroStrategy osti 425 miljoonaa dollaria Bitcoinista tänä kesänä . MicroStrategyin toimitusjohtaja Michael Saylor sanoi tweetissään, että Bitcoin „edustaa toivoa miljardeille ihmisille, jotka tarvitsevat taloudellisen vaikutusmahdollisuuden instrumenttia“.

Saylor on mainostanut voimakkaasti Bitcoinia ostonsa jälkeen, usein useita kertoja päivässä. Tässä kuussa hän on melkein yksinomaan twiitannut Bitcoinista; hän on toistaiseksi käyttänyt sanaa „Bitcoin“ noin 30 kertaa

Tunnuksen ”toivo”, MicroStrategy antoi ”ääni” ja cryptocurrencies kun se myyty $ 21 miljoonaa Voice.com toimialueen Block.one, luovat EOS blockchain . Voice.com, sosiaalinen verkosto, jonka avulla käyttäjät voivat maksaa toisilleen kryptovaluutta , avattiin tänä kesänä.

MicroStrategy omistaa myös Wisdom.com, Strategy.com ja Glory.com, joista kukaan ei ohjaa käyttäjiä kryptovaluutan resursseihin. Oletus on voinut olla, että näiden sivustojen kävijät ovat jo sijoittaneet Bitcoiniin.

Michael.com on myös myynnissä, vaikka sillä on tällä hetkellä MicroStrategy-toimitusjohtajan Michael Saylorin henkilökohtainen verkkosivusto. Sivun opetusresursseissa, joita ei ole äskettäin päivitetty, ei mainita kryptovaluuttoja, vaan Saylor piti pääpuheenvuoroja muista aiheista

Raoul Pal: „An enormous mountain of money“ will catapult Bitcoin to US $ 1 million

The market-leading cryptocurrency is expected to climb to the astronomical rate of 1 million US dollars by 2025.

Real Vision founder and managing director Raoul Pal reiterates his forecast that Bitcoin ( BTC ) will climb to a market value of 1 million US dollars by 2025.

In an interview with Stansberry Research last week, Pal, who is known for his exuberant prognoses regarding The News Spy platform, promised that “an enormous mountain of money” will flow into the market-leading cryptocurrency in the next few years.

Pal: Bitcoin to $ 1 million by 2025

When asked whether he is sticking to his forecast of 1 million US dollars, Pal replied accordingly: „I think it will be so, whether in five or six years.“

To this end, he adds:

“We’re still two halves ahead of us, and judging by the conversations I’m having with institutional investors, there’s an enormous mountain of money out there waiting to be poured in here. And it’s really a huge mountain of money, but at the moment there aren’t the channels that make it possible, but that will come with time. A lot of people already have this on their radar and are working on it accordingly. “

The “halving” that Pal addresses is the so-called Bitcoin halving, in which the rate of increase in the amount in circulation is literally halved, which creates an artificial shortage. Halving takes place every four years, the last being in May 2020. In addition to Pal, many other crypto experts also see halving as an important catalyst for price development, as the available supply is becoming increasingly smaller in relation to demand, which should naturally drive the price up.

PlanB, the inventor of the stock-to-flow forecast model for Bitcoin, also derives a similarly optimistic forecast from this fact and believes that the price will soon soar to new heights following the halving.

So not only the “halving” gives reason to hope that Pal’s prognosis will come true, but also the supposed “mountain of money” that the experts believe should flow into Bitcoin, because, as Cointelegraph recently reported , In fact, several large companies have invested large sums in the market-leading cryptocurrency this month.

„I don’t think it will happen because the world is about to collapse, but because acceptance by big business is increasing,“ as Pal explains.

Is gold being taken down?

In the further course of the interview, Pal also revealed that he wants to liquidate his investments in gold in order to convert them into Bitcoin.

Although he „does not find the precious metal bad“ and therefore initially retains positions in Bitcoin and gold, he clearly sees the future in cryptocurrency:

„If the macroeconomics behind it comes in and everything comes together, then Bitcoin will break out of the previous pattern and gold will clearly depend on it, I’m 100% sure of that. Why should I still be invested in gold then? „

Bitcoin si ferma a 11.400 dollari come slancio di catena al 7° posto

Bitcoin continua a commerciare sopra gli 11.000 dollari per un terzo giorno di fila, mentre Chainlink, con il suo aumento del 5%, ha superato Polkadot per il 7° posto.

Dopo i leggeri ritracci di ieri all’interno del mercato delle criptovalute, la maggior parte delle monete ha nuovamente tracciato il grafico verde. Il Bitcoin è salito a circa 11.400 dollari, l’Ethereum si avvicina a 375 dollari, e un’ulteriore volatilità deriva dagli altcoin a bassa capitalizzazione.

Il Bitcoin si mantiene solido sopra i $11k

Come ha riferito CryptoPotato qualche giorno fa, Bitcoin ha superato gli 11.000 dollari dopo settimane di lotta al di sotto di quel livello. Da allora, la criptovaluta primaria non si è più guardata indietro e si trova al di sopra di essa.

Nelle ultime 24 ore, la BTC ha oscillato parecchio. L’asset ha raggiunto un massimo intraday di 11.440 dollari (su Binance) prima di perdere un po‘ di vapore e scendere a 11.280 dollari. Tuttavia, i tori non hanno permesso ulteriori ribassi e hanno spinto il prezzo di nuovo verso l’alto. Al momento di questa scrittura, BTC si aggira intorno agli 11.400 dollari.

Vale la pena notare che, nonostante gli ultimi aumenti di prezzo, la comunità appare ancora piuttosto pessimista riguardo al futuro a breve termine di BTC. La parola chiave „breve“ ha raggiunto un picco di due mesi, suggerendo che gli orsi si aspettano un crollo dei prezzi.

Se un calo dei prezzi dovesse effettivamente concretizzarsi, Bitcoin può contare su 11.200, 11.000 e 10.800 dollari come supporto. Se BTC dimostra che gli scettici si sbagliano di nuovo e si dirige verso l’alto, deve superare le linee di resistenza a 11.500, 11.800 e 12.000 dollari.

Chainlink prende il 7° posto, Altcoins segue BTC

L’Ethereum ha imitato le mosse di Bitcoin con forti fluttuazioni. Su una scala di 24 ore, però, ETH è saltato di circa l’1% e si aggira intorno ai 375 dollari.

Il gainer più impressionante tra i primi 10 è Chainlink. LINK è aumentato di oltre il 5% a circa 11 dollari. Come tale, LINK ha superato Polkadot (2,5%) per il 7° posto. Anche Binance Coin (3,2%), Cardano (1,5%) e Litecoin (2%) sono in verde.

Il gainer più impressionante delle ultime 24 ore è Ren. Dopo un aumento del 24%, REN si è avvicinato a 0,40 dollari. Su scala settimanale, l’asset è salito alle stelle del 45%. È interessante notare che Binance Futures ha annunciato il lancio del contratto perpetuo REN/USDT con l’apertura del trading domani, che potrebbe essere la ragione dietro l’ultimo aumento di prezzo.

Anche Numeraire (12%), Monero (11%), Cosmos (11%), Zcash (11%) e Band Protocol (10%) sono saltati a due cifre.

PumaPay (-7%), Storj (-5%) e The Midas Touch Gold (-5%) hanno perso il maggior valore da ieri.