MicroStrategy CEO: Bitcoin is the Future

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MicroStrategy’s CEO expresses his confidence in Bitcoin, after the currency generated over $300 million in revenue for them.

Without a doubt, one of the most successful companies of the year 2020 has been MicroStrategy. And it has not been so because of its business strategies or great performance in its sector. It is because of the company’s massive investment in Bitcoin, which has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to date. With MicroStrategy’s CEO assuring that Bitcoin is the future in today’s Tweet

MicroStrategy made over $300 million from Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Continues to Support Bitcoin

The most important trend for the crypto world in this year 2020 has been the entrance of traditional companies to the crypt coin market. And it is not only institutional investors who have bet millions of dollars on BTC. Companies such as Square and MicroStrategy have also acquired a large amount of crypto currency as a store of value.

Thus, in the case of MicroStrategy, the business intelligence software company began investing in Bitcoin in August of this year. Initially acquiring $250 million, which soon increased to $475 million. In a move that has already generated more than $300 million in profits for the company.

However, contrary to what anyone might think, the success of this investment has not led MicroStrategy to sell its Bitcoins and capitalize on the profits in the face of a possible drop in the BTC share price. On the contrary, the company seems to have intentions of continuing to invest in cryptomoney, which can be concluded from the last tweet of its CEO Michael Saylor:

„Bitcoin is the world’s best value reserve asset and the dominant emerging money network. It is the solution to the problem of storing value that faces every individual, corporation and government on earth.

MicroStrategy’s CEO continues to rely on Bitcoin in the midst of its biggest rally.

With this message, Saylor shows his absolute confidence in the future of cryptomoney. A position that makes sense, now that Bitcoin has finally surpassed $20,000, in a bullish rally that looks like it won’t end anytime soon.