Our Investigation Result: YES! Bitcoin Buyer Is Legit!

Bitcoin Buyer Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

After extensive study and testing We are able to confirm that the functionality on this Bitcoin Buyer system is genuine and authentic. If you’re interested in trying Bitcoin Buyer, we suggest that you fill out the form below and we’ll schedule an account manager for your personal account at no cost to guide you through the set-up process.

Only a handful of bitcoin trading platforms that are capable of providing the kind of reward that Bitcoin Buyer currently offers. Bitcoin Buyer claims to replace the present reality, where only 1% of the population owns greater than 98 percent of total wealth.

The developers of the Bitcoin Buyer trading system estimate that the program has the potential to achieve an accuracy of 85 percent.

Bitcoin Buyer

Before you sign up to this amazing trading system that has been earning people millions of dollars we recommend you go through our thorough Bitcoin Buyer review of the Bitcoin Buyer trading system. We’re sure that it is the most effective way to determine if the system is working.

Rating 4.4/5
Platform Type Client Browser Based Trading Platform
Profit Close Rate 85%
Supported Crypto Assets BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, IOTA, EOS, BTG, BCH, XRP etc
Regulatory Body CySEC (Liquidity)
Minimum Deposit EUR250
Demo Account Yes
Withdrawal Timeframe In less than 24 hours
Order Execution Time More than 1 millisecond (0.001s)
Automated Trading Bot Yes
User Data Encryption Yes (AES 256-bit)

Bitcoin Buyer is an smartphone app which makes use of the potential that comes from Artificial Intelligence, AI to forecast market trends and aid people in earning millions of dollars with“AI Predict“ and „AI Predict“ features. These innovative algorithms are changing how we think about money and granting power to those who need it by delivering 8x the returns from their portfolios. They are changing the system in which only 1percent control the majority of. Bitcoin Buyer is a fully automated trading system that’s been found to have as high as 85 percent accuracy. Before you decide to invest your money into Bitcoin Buyer , be sure to read our review as this is the sole way to know whether it can help you earn an profit using autopilot!

How does Bitcoin Buyer function?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are now the new standard for trading but where should you begin to gain from the crypto market? Bitcoin Buyer, a crypto application that assists traders in getting up and running. You only need to make a deposit of EUR250 before trading bitcoin prices using a few basic transactions using their initial portfolio generator. If your balance on Bitcoin Buyer grows to a certain level or you don’t think it’s performing well (or in the future) take out the remaining funds from your account! Bitcoin Buyer customers can access an account with full features or a demo account. Bitcoin Buyer claims that its trading bots are among the most efficient on the market. After making your initial payment, you are granted access to an account manager. You can then begin trading using a an account demo. For experienced traders, you can avoid this demo account procedure. Professional traders can start using Bitcoin Buyer’s Bitcoin Buyer key features like trading signals automated trading market analysis AI algorithms, and trading robots immediately following the verification process.

Bitcoin Buyer is a trading platform specifically designed for cryptocurrency. The goal of the project is to offer traders the possibility of trading cryptocurrency and digital currencies in an profit-making method. Its Bitcoin Buyer login page as the trading interface is very simple to use even for complete beginners. Bitcoin Buyer is an exchange platform for trading in cryptocurrency that does not charge fees when you use their service and only after you have withdrawn funds back into the banking account. That means that traders looking to make more profit will not be disappointed paying a fee to it!

The application makes it easier to get started of trading for beginners and experienced traders alike, at all levels of understanding regarding how to use cryptocurrency together with an easy-to-use interface. We suggest that beginners to utilize the demo account options in order to learn how to navigate the complex cryptocurrency market. Expert traders are comfortable with the trading dashboard and are able to instantly execute numerous trades through Bitcoin Buyer. Bitcoin Buyer app without any extra charges.

The process of opening an Bitcoin Buyer account

The first step for creating an account involves filling out the form with your name, number, email address and phone number.

After you have registered, you will receive a call by an account manager of Bitcoin Buyer. Bitcoin Buyer platform. The account manager will guide you through the process of setting up your account, so be sure you answer the phone following the completion of the form. After you’ve completed the form, you’ll be able log in to your account for trading and deposit your initial amount of EUR250. The money you deposit is not a charge but is the minimum amount needed for you to begin trading. We recommend all traders who are new to utilize the demo account options in order to learn how you can navigate through the volatile market for cryptocurrency. Expert traders are familiar with the trading platform and will be able to immediately execute several trades using this app. Bitcoin Buyer app without any extra charges.

Once you have signed up after signing up, you’ll have access to a variety of tools to trade, such as charts that show historical prices for the different instruments via the website. You’ll also be able to access news feeds from various sources regarding market trends for cryptocurrency and features for technical analysis that include drawing trends line on graphs of price for intervals of time ranging from one day 6 months.

You can trade with the demo account to familiarize yourself with the platform prior to going to trading with the live account. Below, you will find an description of the costs charged for Bitcoin Buyer:

Account Opening Fee None
Inactivity Fee None
Account Maintenance Fee None
Transaction Charges None

The reason Bitcoin Buyer could be considered a legitimate trading platform

Bitcoin Buyer offers users an a simple and secure method for making investments with Bitcoin with no need to provide personal financial information.

To access the app, you be required to create an account on the site, which requires confirmation before being granted access. After logging into your account, you will have five options to choose from that include: Deposit Funds and Trading Now as well as Create Picks (which is also a requirement for an account registration), Watchlist, and Settings. The four options above require KYC approval from each individual user. The fifth option lets you alter settings like the time zone you’re in and how much storage space you should allocate per day to view charts, as well as other data that are related to business.

We receive a number of questions every day asking „Is Bitcoin Buyer a con?“. We are able to confirm that the robot used to trade is genuine and operates exactly as it is described. Bitcoin Buyer is a trading bot that has been designed to work as described. Bitcoin Buyer auto trading bot was developed to trade crypto pairs on behalf of its customers following a predetermined plan. There are numerous Bitcoin Buyer reviews on the internet which confirm the effectiveness of the software for trading The bot is reported to have a success rate that can reach 99.4 percent on the market for crypto. Bitcoin Buyer Bitcoin Buyer can be described as a platform for trading that allows its users to trade more than 15 different cryptocurrency types which include Bitcoin along with Ethereum.

The platform also provides access to a variety of other tools like charts that show historical prices for the various instruments through the exchange. This is ideal for experienced traders as well as beginners who are brand new to cryptocurrency investment.

One thing that separates this service from the rest is the demo account that lets you test trading prior to making a move with your live account or on real money accounts. You’ll be able to observe how profitable trading can create by converting your account into virtual coins and beginning with a small amount to avoid losing any money in the event of a mishap during the course of an investment.

Which are the top crucial advantages in Bitcoin Buyer ?

  • The exchanges include BTC and ETH along with numerous of the top altcoins.
  • Every trade is executed in real-time, in less than one second for each transaction. even for withdrawals or deposits from your personal wallet! You may also transfer Bitcoin through other wallets, too.
  • There is no need for verification All users have an individual URL that is created instantly when they register to create an account. New traders only need to supply their name, email address and telephone number to begin trading straight away.
  • You can conduct any number of trades in a day as you like There are no restrictions.

What are the benefits of using Bitcoin Buyer?

  • Bitcoin Buyer is quick and secure , making it easy to use. Sign up in a matter of seconds and begin trading straight away with no and no need for verification.
  • Bitcoin Buyer is a straightforward interface that is suitable for beginners as well as advanced traders. This makes it ideal for traders of all levels of experience. They’ve got something for all!
  • There is 24 hour customer support via the Bitcoin Buyer website that will help you with any questions or assistance in understanding how the system functions.
  • The most appealing aspect of this application is that there are zero transaction fees when you purchase Bitcoins (or the other cryptocurrency). This means that you can get your coins quicker and don’t have to pay any extra fees! The only cost associated with using this application is the possibility of withdrawing funds from your account.

Bitcoin Buyer Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
User Friendly Trading System Requires Quick Phone Call KYC
Trade From 150+ Countries No Social Trading Community
Free Demo Account
Automatic Trade Execution
Instant Withdrawals
24/7 Customer Support
No Transaction Fees or Hidden Charges
SSL & TLS Data Encryption Protocols

A few tips for traders who are just beginning their journey

  • Begin by creating an account with a demo
  • Check out your strategies
  • Do not trade late, on weekends, or on holidays.
  • Don’t put in more than you are able to afford to lose.
  • Look out for a pullback before taking on new positions.
  • Find the top exchanges and brokers that will meet your preferences and needs for trading.
  • Be sure they have robust security measures in place
  • Do some further study on their credibility in relation to other traders or on the internet and any possible dangers that may be involved with it.

Bitcoin Buyer has received a lot of attention in the last few times. The program is said to have been supported by popular TV shows such as Shark Tank, This Morning as well as Dragon’s Den. The program also has the support of prominent public figures around the world who believe in the potential of this platform for worldwide change.

We wanted to take a deeper look at the factors that make Bitcoin Buyer so special that it will be mentioned on these newsworthy shows

Was Bitcoin Buyer Featured on Dragon’s Den?

Dragons Den is a famous British show that puts dreamers of becoming a business tycoon before a panel of entrepreneurs who have made it successful. The objective is convincing them to fund your ideas. Anything that is backed by the panel may be a global phenomenon in a matter of minutes. We looked into whether there was a link to Bitcoin Buyer and the show but we couldn’t locate evidence that supports this claim.

Was Bitcoin Buyer Featured on Shark Tank?

A show that is similar to Dragons Den, Shark Tank is a reality show within the US. It allows hopefuls from the business world to present their concepts to team of extremely wealthy and successful entrepreneurs. Like Dragons Den they seek assistance through investments from sharks with large pockets, looking for new services or products that could help them make more money than they have ever been! If any member from this committee invests into your business idea, it is likely to be the top news story in all major media outlets around the world However, we haven’t heard the news about it due to the fact that Bitcoin Buyer isn’t permitted in the United States yet…

Was Bitcoin Buyer Featured on This Morning?

The most watched UK program, „This Morning,“ has been on the air since 1988. The show covers different subjects, such as news from the business world as well as interviews with famous people and much more. In the event that Bitcoin Buyer were to be featured in an episode of the series, it would boost their appeal dramatically and also allow its creators to earn millions of dollars in profit. They would also be forced into every social media outlet creating headlines for weeks or months following, creating an unstoppable buzz. to ignore about the company or app in the midst of all other companies trying to get attention during any moment in which they could have been launched into the market within days or hours from one another; giving users to receive instant feedback on their an analysis of the competition. We were unable to discover any evidence of Bitcoin Buyer being mentioned on the show This Morning.

Has Bitcoin Buyer been supported by celebrities?

Bitcoin Buyer has gained significant popularity since its launch this year. It is currently being touted by some as „the future“ by some experts in various industries. We are not content to rely on the gossip media or hearsay stories regarding this new technology (or even worse, having it be smuggled with speculation) we set out to determine if the hype really was worth! After thorough research on their claims using different investigative methods via internet searches and social media sites such as Instagram The findings of our investigation below:

The world’s celebrity chef and entertainment guru, Gordon Ramsay is a enormous success. His writing and acting as a chef and host of shows on television like Hell’s Kitchen has garnered him international fame over the last 10 years or so. In light of his expertise in these areas , there are rumors that he could be in the business of backing Bitcoin Buyer – since no proof of the claim has been found, it is merely a just a speculation.

The British investor and tycoon Peter Jones is worth 500 million euros. Peter Jones would make a fantastic co-sponsor, or an investment partner, for your business, since he can assist with the marketing process and create a massive success in no time. We reviewed his previous investment through Dragons Den but were unable to locate any evidence that the platform has been backed by him at this time.

Elon Musk Elon Musk self-made billionaire and the creator of SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Solar City. Elon Musk is also a renowned person who can cause dire implications for markets all over the world by just one word. If, for instance, Elon were to speak out in favor of Bitcoin there would be headlines all over the world: „Elon Supports Bitcoin Buyer !“ Our team couldn’t not find any evidence or evidence that this had happened, even after conducting thorough online searches!

Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, has been linked in Bitcoin Buyer . A lot of people believe that he was rich due to his involvement with Bitcoin Buyer, but it’s really due to his comedy background and his role as host of The Daily Show for which He was paid far more than comedians make. There’s no evidence that we can verify whether or whether Trevor has made any investments in Bitcoin Buyer so there’s really nothing to add about him and his use of Bitcoin Buyer !

Kate Winslet may be best famous for her character Rose DeWitt Bukater from the blockbuster film Titanic (1997) however, she’s recently, there’s been a lot of discussion over whether she’s actually using cryptocurrency to make trades online. But when it comes to trading in cryptocurrency, Kate Winslet is as in a secluded manner as Titanic. With a track record of being in the tabloids, and being constantly being in the spotlight, a lot of people are curious in her support for any crypto-trading platforms that will aid them in investing their money in a wise manner. After conducting a thorough analysis of her social media posts, we found no evidence to support any particular platform.

One of the UK’s most famous and well-loved TV hosts, Holly Marie Willoughby has supposedly developed a marketing campaign for an unidentified cryptocurrency trading platform. There is however no evidence to support that this claim is true.

Idris Elba plays an actress, Grammy award-winning artist, and an experienced investor. Elba is also the lead in the new show on Netflix known as „Luther“ in which he plays the role of Detective John Luther; but what do you think of Idris like in terms of investing? Our team was able to locate evidence that this person is involved in Bitcoin Buyer, but couldn’t discover any evidence.

According to a recent report according to a recent article, the well-known TV actor Ant McPartlin could have made a bet in Bitcoin. The actor is believed to be an actor and the host and producer on one of England’s most popular TV shows, and also creates music in the background. Do you believe this is true? We don’t know for certain in the moment, but it wouldn’t be too as a shock If that was an actual fact given his passions beyond Hollywood. He could think it is worthwhile to invest early into this type of technology before major negatives are noticed or felt by other investors later on.

The Oscar Award-winning star Nicole Kidman, worth EUR183 million, and famous for her role in films like Moulin Rouge and!, was recently at the subject of speculation about a possible investment in Bitcoin Buyer . It turns out that our team was unable locate any evidence to suggest that Kidman is involved in this venture, however we’re not ruling anything out right now!

It is believed that the Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, with a net worth of EUR9 billion, has not been confirmed to have investment in Bitcoin. However, given that his wealth is derived primarily from his cattle and mining business it’s possible the billionaire does put some of his money in this currency. The claims are at best unsubstantiated so take them with dose of caution (or avoid them). However, this doesn’t mean Bitcoin Buyer isn’t reliable – it’s just susceptible to the marketing techniques employed in marketing…

Andrew Forrest’s wealth is derived mostly from cattle and mining businesses that means there is an opportunity to invest in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin should he choose to invest in them!

Bitcoin Buyer is an legitimate trading application! It’s not a fraud, and we suggest signing up on their website. They offer excellent guidance for people who are just beginning their journey; as well as account managers on call 24/7 to assist should anything arise and it’s simple to withdraw funds as well. We regret not having signed up earlier as this is a fantastic option to invest with cryptocurrency, without any risks or problems!

PSV Eindhoven beginnt mit der Annahme von Bitcoin-Sponsorings

PSV Eindhoven hat den gesamten Sponsorendeal mit Anycoin Direct in Form von Bitcoin erhalten.

Der europäische Fußballverein Philips Sport Vereningin – besser bekannt als PSV Eindhoven – hat eine Partnerschaft mit einer lokalen Kryptowährungsbörse unterzeichnet. Ein Teil der Bedingungen sieht vor, dass der Verein das gesamte Sponsoring in Bitcoin erhalten wird.

PSV Eindhoven interessiert sich für Bitcoin Bank

Der europäische Klub kündigte die Partnerschaft mit Anycoin Direct Anfang dieser Woche an und betonte, dass der PSV damit eine der ersten großen Fußballmannschaften in der EU sein wird, die das gesamte Sponsoring in der primären Kryptowährung erhält. Dabei fällt auch immer wieder der Blick auf Bitcoin Bank.

Die Börse für digitale Vermögenswerte wird offizieller Partner für die folgenden zwei Spielzeiten. Beide Parteien zielen darauf ab, das Bewusstsein für Kryptowährungen und die Handelsplattform in Europa zu erhöhen.

CryptoPotato hat sich mit Sander Jacobs, Account Manager Partnerships and Business Development, in Verbindung gesetzt, der bestätigte, dass PSV die Gelder in BTC halten wird, aber einen Stop-Loss hat, bei dem es verkaufen würde, falls der Wert des Assets stark fällt.

Jacobs merkte auch an, dass das Team an die vielversprechenden Entwicklungen der Digital Asset Industrie glaubt und fügte hinzu, dass mehrere Vereine in den Niederlanden ebenfalls nach ähnlichen Partnerschaften mit Börsen suchen.

Es ist erwähnenswert, dass dieser Sponsoring-Deal zwischen einer Kryptowährungsbörse und einer niederländischen Fußballmannschaft kein Präzedenzfall ist. Zu Beginn dieses Jahres ging ein anderer lokaler Verein – AZ Alkmaar – eine Partnerschaft mit Bitcoin Meester ein und erhielt einen Teil der Sponsorendeals in BTC.

Krypto und Bitcoin sind „sehr vielversprechend

In der Erklärung heißt es, dass PSV die notwendigen BTC-Wallets eingerichtet hat, um die Partnerschaft zu erleichtern und die Gelder zu erhalten. Frans Janssen, Commercial Director PSV, kommentierte, dass die „Möglichkeiten und die Zukunft, die die Welt der Kryptowährung bietet, sehr vielversprechend sind.“

Er glaubt, dass die Lage des Vereins – im Herzen der Brainport-Region – es ihm ermöglicht, immer sehr innovativ zu sein, und der Bereich der digitalen Vermögenswerte „passt gut in dieses Bild.“

„Ich bin in der Region aufgewachsen und der PSV war mir immer sehr nahe. Als Technologieunternehmen aus der Brainport-Region freuen wir uns sehr über die Zusammenarbeit mit PSV. Die Zahlung in Bitcoin ist der nächste Schritt für die Einführung von Kryptowährungen in der EU.“ – sagte der COO von Anycoin – Lennert Vlemmings.

Gibt es bei Crypto Bank einen Schutz vor negativem Saldo?

Bei der von Crypto Bank angebotenen Abrechnung tauscht Crypto Bank negative Währungen gegen positive Währungen aus, wenn das Wallet des Nutzers einen negativen Saldo aufweist.

Das bedeutet, dass die älteren negativen Währungen gegenüber den neuen Währungen bevorzugt umgetauscht werden. Die Token mit höheren Risiken und Verlusten verlieren tendenziell die Möglichkeit der Abrechnung. Diejenigen, bei denen der Haircut angewendet wird, werden in der Regel schnell abgewickelt. Sie können den angewandten Haircut jederzeit überprüfen.

Einzahlungen und Abhebungen
Die Einzahlung ist der wichtigste Schritt bei der Arbeit mit Crypto Bank. Sie können jede unterstützte Kryptowährung, Fiat-Währung oder stabile Münze verwenden, um eine Einzahlung zu tätigen (EUR, CNH, JPY, GBO, USD).

Siehe das Bild unten für die Einzahlungsmaske:

Geld einzahlen mit Crypto Bank

Geld einzahlen mit Crypto Bank

Wenn Sie Fiat-Währungen einzahlen, müssen Sie ein vollständig verifiziertes Konto haben. Ein vollständig verifiziertes Konto beschleunigt den Abhebungs- und Einzahlungsprozess. Dies ermöglicht Ihnen auch, Fiat-Währungen abzuheben und einzuzahlen.

Um ein Konto einzurichten, müssen Sie die angegebenen Schritte befolgen:

Füllen Sie das Online-Formular aus.
Das Alter muss 18 Jahre betragen.
Sie müssen Informationen wie E-Mail-Adresse, Telefonnummer und Wohnanschrift angeben.
Sie müssen den Kontoauszug vorlegen.
Sie müssen den Nachweis einer Wohnadresse erbringen.
Zum Nachweis der Wohnanschrift können Sie eine Abrechnung der Versorgungsbetriebe vorlegen, die nicht älter als drei Monate ist. Sie können auch eine staatliche Bescheinigung vorlegen, die innerhalb desselben Zeitraums ausgestellt wurde.

Unternehmen hingegen müssen ihren Namen und ihre Kontaktinformationen, ihren Standort, ihre Identität, finanzielle Nachweise und KYC angeben.

Danach können Sie zur Verifizierungsschaltfläche gehen, die sich in der oberen rechten Ecke der Plattform befindet.

Die Exchange-Wallet wird zum Verkauf oder Kauf von Kryptowährungen verwendet, während für den Margin-Handel eine Margin-Wallet verwendet wird. Bei der Bereitstellung von Finanzmitteln für andere Margin-Händler wird die Finanzierungs-Wallet verwendet.

Am häufigsten wird die Exchange Wallet beim Verkauf oder Kauf einer der Kryptowährungen von Crypto Bank verwendet.

Unterstützung und Service

Bei der Bereitstellung von Finanzierungen für andere Margin-Trader wird eine Finanzierungs-Wallet verwendet. Die gängigste unter ihnen ist die Exchange Wallet. Beim Verkauf oder Kauf einer der Kryptowährungen von Crypto Bank wird diese Wallet verwendet.

Der Support von Crypto Bank ist sehr effizient. Die Support-Seite von Crypto Bank ist in verschiedene Abschnitte unterteilt, wie Token Sales, Token Deposits, Token Withdrawals, Bank Wirees, Account Access, Account Settings, Verification, Trading and Funding, API, Mobile Application, Bug Reporting, Security Concern, Partnership, Forks and Airdrops, and Other issues.

Streaming-tokens øker når Bitcoin-prisen faller til $ 54.000 støtte

Tokens relatert til spill-, video- og musikkstrømming økte til nye høyder, selv om Bitcoin-prisen trakk tilbake til $ 54.000-støtten.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) okser møtte sterk motvind 22. mars som raskt dempet ethvert forsøk på et breakout over $ 58 000-nivået til tross for kommentarer fra United States Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, som kalte den øverste kryptovalutaen en „erstatning for gull.“

Data fra Cointelegraph Markets og TradingView viser at handelsmenn gjorde flere forsøk på å presse BTC over $ 58 000 i løpet av de siste to dagene for bare å bli avvist, med mandagens svikt som resulterte i en tilbakeføring til $ 54 000 støttenivå.

On-chain analyse viser at mens BTC-prisen sliter med å klatre tilbake over $ 60.000, har hvalplommebøker vært i akkumuleringsmodus de siste 30 dagene, noe som indikerer at noen av de rikeste Bitcoin-eierne fremdeles ser mer oppside for det nåværende oksemarkedet.

Vanlig kryptovalutaadopsjon får grep

Makrobildet for kryptovaluta-sektoren fortsetter å forbedres ettersom det globalt anerkjente TIME-magasinet avslørte at det er på utkikk etter en finansdirektør som er komfortabel med Bitcoin og kryptokurver, ettersom publikasjonen har begynt å utforske etableringen av enestående ikke-soppbar poletter basert på noen av de mest ikoniske omslagene .

Nå som blockchain-teknologien har utviklet seg til det punktet hvor den kan håndtere prosesser som video- og musikkstreaming, har plattformer med en førstegangsfordel i disse sektorene sett prisene deres de siste månedene ettersom vanlige publikum i økende grad blir eksponert for kryptovalutaøkosystemet. .

Theta (THETA) og Theta Fuel (TFUEL) har tatt ledelsen når det gjelder blockchain-basert videostreaming med dual token-systemet som nyter astronomisk vekst i 2021 som fortsetter å presse prisen til nye heltidspunkter.

Audius (AUDIO), en musikkstrømmeplattform, har også samlet seg kraftig den siste måneden da prisen økte fra $ 0,356 den 28. februar til en ny heltid på $ 2,05 den 16. mars.

VORTECS ™ -data fra Cointelegraph Markets Pro begynte å oppdage et hausseutsikter for AUDIO 1. mars før den nylige prisstigningen

VORTECS ™ -scoren, eksklusiv Cointelegraph, er en algoritmisk sammenligning av historiske og nåværende markedsforhold avledet av en kombinasjon av datapunkter, inkludert markedssentiment, handelsvolum, nylige prisbevegelser og Twitter-aktivitet.

Bitcoin pourrait former un autre coin avant une autre jambe

Bitcoin (BTC) pourrait actuellement former une autre cale avant une nouvelle hausse.

Selon Raoul Pal, le fondateur et PDG de Global Macro Investor considère que Bitcoin pourrait avoir formé un autre coin. Dans un récent tweet, il a expliqué comment BTC se trouve maintenant dans un coin descendant qui pourrait se rompre vers le haut dans les prochaines semaines.

Bitcoin pourrait-il s’effondrer vers le haut?

Raoul Pal considère que le bitcoin pourrait commencer à monter dans les prochaines semaines de mars. Comme il l’a mentionné sur Twitter, un autre mouvement à la hausse pour Bitcoin correspond aux saisons des deux ou trois premières semaines de ce mois.

Dans le même temps, nous avons vu une autre cale descendante se former sur Bitcoin entre décembre et janvier de cette année. Cette baisse s’est traduite par un passage de moins de 30 000 à près de 60 000 dollars. Il est donc possible que le marché connaisse une nouvelle situation similaire à celle que nous avons connue ces derniers mois.

Il convient de prendre en considération le fait que Raoul Pal n’est pas le seul investisseur qui voit un mouvement à la hausse pour Bitcoin dans les prochaines semaines. Un autre trader anonyme sur Twitter, a partagé un graphique avec quelques fractales de la BTC.

Il considère que la fractale se joue très bien et qu’elle montre que Bitcoin pourrait encore augmenter dans les prochaines semaines.

„Ok, cette fractale de l’encierro devient de plus en plus précise. Je fais littéralement la banque de l’échange, c’est comme un antisèche. 77 000 $ pour le prochain mouvement.“

Bitcoin a connu une hausse massive ces derniers mois et

Bitcoin a connu une hausse massive ces derniers mois et, depuis la pandémie, a affecté l’ensemble du marché de la cryptographie. Aujourd’hui, la plus grande monnaie virtuelle s’échange autour de 47 500 dollars et sa valeur marchande est de 880 milliards de dollars.

D’autres actifs numériques ont également été touchés ces derniers jours par une liquidation. Nous voyons Ethereum (ETH) chuter de 4,6 % dans les dernières heures, suivi par Binance Coin (BNB) avec une baisse de 7 % ou Polkadot (DOT) enregistrant des pertes de près de 10 %.

En revanche, Uniswap (UNI) progresse avec une augmentation de 23 % au cours des sept derniers jours. Ainsi, cette pièce de DeFi est entrée dans le top 8 en dépassant Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Chainlink (LINK) et Litecoin (LTC), des actifs numériques qui sont sur le marché depuis plusieurs années.

C’est juste une question de temps pour comprendre ce que Bitcoin va faire dans les jours à venir.

Precio de Bitcoin de $ 56.3K y señal de capitalización de mercado de $ 1T BTC está aquí para quedarse

El precio de Bitcoin alcanzó un nuevo máximo de $ 56,368, consolidando su estatus como uno de los activos más valiosos del planeta.

A medida que el precio de Bitcoin ( BTC ) subió por encima de los $ 55,300 en la sesión de negociación de la mañana, su capitalización de mercado superó los $ 1 billón por primera vez el 19 de febrero. La ruptura continuó durante todo el día y en la última hora el precio de BTC alcanzó otro máximo histórico en $ 56,368.

Ahora que Bitcoin ha consolidado su estatus como un activo de un billón de dólares entre empresas como Amazon, Apple y Google, los bancos heredados están mostrando un interés creciente en ofrecer servicios de custodia de criptomonedas para sus clientes.

Según Treyce Dahlem, analista de TheTIE , las conversaciones en las redes sociales que incluyen ‚Bitcoin‘ como palabra clave han aumentado en un 38% desde el 18 de febrero. Se han enviado más de 102,000 tweets en las últimas 24 horas, y esto es solo “ 30.000 tweets antes de establecer un nuevo récord „.

Dahlem dijo:

“El número de usuarios de Twitter que hablan de Bitcoin a diario ha alcanzado un nuevo máximo histórico de 38.500, un 325% más que hace un año.

Las altcoins aumentan a medida que DeFi y CeFi comienzan a fusionarse

Múltiples altcoins se unieron a BTC y Ether ( ETH ) para establecer nuevos máximos históricos, ya que los tokens de intercambio centralizados y descentralizados experimentaron fuertes rupturas.

Binance Coin ( BNB ) continuó beneficiándose de la creciente influencia de Binance Smart Chain (BSC) a medida que el volumen creciente elevó el token a un nuevo máximo de $ 348.72.

Este rally parabólico aseguró el lugar de BNB como el tercer proyecto clasificado por capitalización de mercado detrás de Bitcoin y Ether.

Los proyectos relacionados con DeFi como PancakeSwap (CAKE) y Venus (VXS) son dos de las principales atracciones del BSC y ambos alcanzaron nuevos máximos de $ 20,62 y $ 101,50 respectivamente. REN también hizo olas después de que su reciente integración con BSC ayudó a elevar el token a un máximo histórico de $ 1,69.

Los mercados tradicionales cierran la semana mixtos

Después de una semana de nuevos máximos para los principales índices, los mercados tradicionales cerraron la semana mixta el viernes, ya que la economía de EE. UU. Enfrenta las consecuencias continuas de la pandemia y el aumento del desempleo.

El NASDAQ terminó el día con un alza del 0,07% mientras que el Dow se mantuvo plano. El S&P 500 retrocedió un 0,19%.

Bitcoin Core Devs Rimuovi BTC Whitepaper su richiesta di Craig Wright

Bitcoin Core Devs Rimuovi BTC Whitepaper su richiesta di Craig Wright Contrariamente a quanto riportato in precedenza

Il whitepaper di BTC è stato tolto da Bitcoincore dagli sviluppatori su richiesta di CSW, mentre Cobra si è rifiutato di farlo prima su Bitcoin.org, ecco perché

  • L’autoproclamato Satoshi, CSW, vince questa battaglia
  • Gli sviluppatori Bitcoin Core si adeguano alle esigenze di CSW
  • Wladimir van der Laan rimuove il whitepaper della BTC

Il proprietario pseudonimo del sito Bitcoin.org ha pubblicato un post sul blog che dice che, senza consultarlo, gli sviluppatori di Bitcoin Core hanno rimosso il whitepaper Bitcoin Bitcoin Storm dal sito nonostante le obiezioni che aveva inviato prima agli avvocati di Craig Wright (CSW).

L’autoproclamato Satoshi, CSW, vince questa battaglia

Il 20 gennaio, l’avvocato dell’autoproclamato Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, ha inviato le accuse di copyright ai siti Bitcoin.org e Bitcoincore.org di proprietà di qualcuno conosciuto come Cobra, chiedendo che il whitepaper Bitcoin scritto e pubblicato da Satoshi il 31 ottobre 2008 venisse rimosso.

Cobra si è rifiutato di ritirare il whitepaper „Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System“ di Bitcoin.org.

Il Bitcoin correlato vede il più grande esaurimento di liquidità, dato che circa 270.000 Bitcoin si sono trasferiti a

Gli sviluppatori Bitcoin Core si adeguano alle esigenze di CSW

Eppure, Cobra ha scritto che, senza consultarlo, alcuni sviluppatori di Bitcoin Core hanno ceduto alle accuse dei legali di Wright e hanno tolto il whitepaper di BTC dal loro sito web.

Hanno modificato il sito Bitcoin Core per rimuovere tutti i riferimenti al documento e ne hanno cancellato la copia locale in PDF.

Cobra ha scritto che gli sviluppatori del progetto BTC Core si sono arresi ai nemici di Bitcoin, e questo probabilmente farà emergere nuove false pretese da parte di Craig Wright in futuro.

Wladimir van der Laan rimuove il whitepaper della BTC

Lo sviluppo di Bitcoin Core che è stato criticato da Cobra non è altro che Wladimir J. van der Laan, il manutentore principale del repository Bitcoin su GitHub.

Dopo che il lead developer della BTC, Gavin Andresen, si è dimesso dal controllo del repository Bitcoin Core GitHub, Laan ha preso il comando.

Hvor massiv Bitcoin-køberaktivitet på Coinbase drev BTC-prisen forbi $ 32K

Prisen på Bitcoin steg hurtigere end $ 32.000, da købere på Coinbase aggressivt akkumulerede BTC.

Coinbase har oplevet en stor stigning i køberaktivitet natten over, da prisen på Bitcoin (BTC) oversteg $ 32.500 den 2. januar. Analytikere siger, at tendensen minder om MicroStrategys Bitcoin-akkumulering, muligvis drevet af institutionelle købsordrer. Som et resultat overgik BTC $ 31.000 og nåede et nyt rekordhøjt niveau.

Coinbase-købere var katalysatoren for Bitcoin-rallyet
I de sidste 48 timer har Coinbase løbende set en høj præmie sammenlignet med Binance. På et tidspunkt var Bitcoin på børsen $ 100 dyrere end på Binance.

Da prisen på Bitcoin oversteg $ 30.000, nåede præmien så højt som $ 350. For eksempel, da Bitcoin Code handlede til $ 30.000 på Binance, blev BTC prissat til $ 30.350 på Coinbase.

Forud for rallyet sagde CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju, at lave Coinbase-udstrømninger udgjorde en risiko for Bitcoins rally. Han sagde, at udstrømningerne skulle øges for at BTC kunne finde nyt momentum, hvilket det gjorde. Han sagde inden mødet:

”Vi har ikke haft betydelige Coinbase-udstrømninger siden $ 23.000, de overførte tokens er faldende, og fondets flowforhold for alle børser stiger. Det er stadig muligt, at institutionelle investorer vil tilslutte sig når som helst snart, men vi kan blive udsat for en korrektion, hvis det fortsætter sådan.
Da Bitcoin nærmede sig $ 29.500, begyndte Coinbase-udstrømningen at stige. Ki sagde, at de er mulige over-the-counter (OTC) -aftaler, som typisk er bullish for BTC og eksemplificerer en bredere tendens til svindende BTC-reserver på børser.

Da vi pumpede, blev en anden 34K btc afslappet udskiftet i de sidste par blokke pic.twitter.com/8r20JnOGaj

– // Bitcoin ack (@BTC_JackSparrow) 2. januar 2021
Købere med høj nettoværdi bruger OTC-markedet til at købe eller sælge store mængder Bitcoin. Derfor, da tegnene på OTC-tilbud opstod, sagde Ki, at dette var positivt for BTC. Blot to dage efter, at udstrømningen var steget, steg BTC forbi $ 30.000 og nåede $ 31.400. Ki bemærkede, før BTC brød $ 30.000:

“12.063 $ BTC strømmede lige ud fra #Coinbase. Det gik til flere kolde tegnebøger. Eventuelt OTC-tilbud. Det vil være svært at bryde 30k, men institutionerne er ligeglade. De køber det bare mere. ”

Hvorfor bliver BTC så tiltalende?

Ifølge Ashwath Balakrishnan, en analytiker hos Delphi Digital, blev Bitcoin mere overbevisende, da det overgik dets all-time high.

Da prisen på Bitcoin svingede på omkring $ 4.000, var risikoen for en betydelig ulempe høj kombineret med stor usikkerhed omkring udsigten til BTC på mellemlang sigt.

Derfor, da Bitcoin steg over $ 20.000, blev den dominerende kryptokurrency mere overbevisende for investorer. Han sagde:

“At købe $ BTC efter ATH er faktisk bedre end at skære bunden fra en risikojusteret linse. Hvis du købte til $ 20.000, er du op med 50% med minimal friktion imellem Bundkøbere ~ $ 4k er næsten 8x højere, men deres risiko for at blæse op var meget højere. ”
På kort sigt er en populær fortælling, der kan bøje Bitcoin-prisen højere, forudsigelsen om, at institutioner muligvis ikke har købt BTC i december på grund af potentielle regnskabsproblemer.

Som sådan siger nogle analytikere, at flere institutioner kunne hoppe ind i Bitcoin i første kvartal af 2021. Hvis dette sker, hvilket ville være tydeligt gennem Grayscales aktiver under forvaltning og CME Bitcoin futuresmarkeds åbne interesse, ville det sandsynligvis medføre et bredere BTC-rally .

Bitcoin price exceeds $ 30,000 and liquidates $ 450M in short position in 24 hours

Around 14,000 BTC or $ 450 million in short positions were liquidated within 24 hours.

Bitcoin exceeds $ 30,000 for the first time.

A total of 450 million dollars has been liquidated on the exchanges during the last 24 hours according to the data analysis site Bybt.com.

$ 450M liquidation on BTC

The passage of Bitcoin (BTC) above $ 30,000 has resulted in many liquidations of short positions taken by traders.

Liquidation BTC Bybt

It is not less than 450 million dollars or approximately 14,000 BTC that have been liquidated on the exchanges. 90% of liquidations took place in the last twelve hours.

While many celebrated the event, others saw their situation deteriorate in just a few hours. A $ 10 million position was even liquidated on the BitMEX exchange .

Across the market

On the whole market, 600 million dollars were liquidated during the last 24 hours. Binance and Huobi exchanges concentrate the most liquidation.

Bitcoin che supera i 19.000 dollari ha portato Ethereum, XRP e altcoins ad immergersi… e poi?

Il prezzo del Bitcoin ha superato i 19.000 dollari il 24 novembre, raggiungendo i 19.299 dollari su Binance. Mentre la BTC si radunava, le principali valute alternative, tra cui l’Ethereum e l’XRP, sono diminuite drasticamente.

Resta da vedere se il trend dei profitti degli altcoin in Bitcoin Profit continuerà a breve termine. Una variabile potrebbe prevenire una più ampia flessione del mercato degli altcoin, e cioè la resistenza di 20.000 dollari.

Come l’Ethereum e l’XRP potrebbero vedere una rinascita di slancio nel breve termine

Il Bitcoin ha superato il livello di 19.000 dollari e ora si sta avvicinando a un massimo storico vicino ai 20.000 dollari.

Ma, fino a quando il livello di 20.000 dollari non verrà superato, servirà come area di resistenza principale. Quindi, questo potrebbe significare che si potrebbe formare una fascia di prezzo tra i 19.000 e i 20.000 dollari.

Se Bitcoin mostrasse segni di consolidamento tra i due livelli, potrebbe permettere agli altcoin di guadagnare slancio. L’etereum e l’XRP sono scesi rapidamente quando la BTC si è inizialmente ripresa, ma da allora si è ripresa.

L’XRP, per esempio, è sceso da 0,72 a 0,567 dollari, registrando un calo del 20% in diverse ore. Anche se l’Ethereum ha visto un ritiro minore, ha visto un movimento di prezzo simile a quello dell’XRP.

L’Ethereum è sceso del 5% quando il Bitcoin ha iniziato a farsi strada verso i 19.000 dollari nello stesso periodo dell’XRP.

L’XRP ha visto un forte calo a causa della sua estrema volatilità nel corso della giornata. Mentre l’XRP ha raggiunto un picco inferiore a 0,8 dollari su Binance, su Coinbase, ha raggiunto 0,9 dollari. Ha causato una frenesia intorno alla cripto-valuta, causando temporaneamente il fermo di Coinbase.

A seguito del ritiro del mercato altcoin, la probabilità di una ripresa a breve termine è superiore a quella di una correzione continua.

Nel breve termine, il livello di 20.000 dollari rimane un’area di resistenza cruciale per Bitcoin. In quanto tale, la probabilità di una ripresa del mercato altcoin rimarrebbe alta finché BTC non raggiungerà un nuovo massimo storico.

Quando BTC supererà i 20.000 dollari, c’è un’alta probabilità di svuotare la maggior parte del volume nel mercato delle cripto-valute. Se ciò dovesse accadere, lo slancio del mercato altcoin probabilmente diminuirebbe a breve termine.

Un recupero di ETH è più probabile

L’Etereum ha visto una correzione particolarmente netta dopo aver raggiunto un massimo pluriennale di 625 dollari.

L’ETH ha probabilmente visto un profondo arretramento a causa di una reazione da parte del mercato. Il 24 novembre l’Ethereum ha raggiunto ufficialmente la soglia per il lancio dell’Eth2.

Considerando la tendenza al ribasso delle valute crittografiche dopo importanti annunci, l’ETH ha probabilmente visto un calo maggiore.

Ma i trader hanno anche previsto un certo consolidamento a breve termine dopo che l’ETH ha raggiunto i 625 dollari. Un trader pseudonimo noto come „Loma“ ha detto che dopo che l’ETH ha raggiunto i 625 dollari, è probabile che uno o due giorni di consolidamento si verifichino. Ha scritto:

„E c’è il test di $625~ su $ETH Se le cose vanno di conseguenza, 1-2 giorni di consolidamento prima di segnare fino a ~$750-800 in cui mi aspetto di essere il top. $BTC probabilmente risciacqua anche i trifogli di alluminio“.