A trilogy of interdisciplinary live performance works by Pavel Zustiak | Palissimo Company, featuring dance, live music, video, and visual projection, presented in New York City by La MaMa (November 2010), Baryshnikov Arts Center (June 2011) and Performance Space 122 at Synod Hall, NYC (May 2012). Complete trilogy premiered at the Wexner Center for the Arts (September 2012) and itsNYC Premiere opens June 20-30, 2013at La Mama.

Video animation by Manny Pallad - Photos by Robert Flynt, Peter Snadik, David Kumerman, Paula Lobo - Music by Christian Frederickson and Ryan Rumery

Pavel Zuštiak choreographs and directs a trilogy of live performances titled The Painted Bird. Loosely inspired by Jerzy Kosinski's novel set in war-time Eastern Europe in which a brilliantly painted bird is violently killed by its own flock for seeming an imposter, Zuštiak's project excavates the tale's themes of otherness, displacement, migration and transformation in three separate performance events in New York City. Zuštiak's signature approach of integrating multiple mediums with dance to create richly-layered, experiential artworks extends itself with The Painted Bird to a multinational creative process through creative residencies in Eastern Europe and the U.S., addressing the personal complexity yet universal emotional resonance of migration stories which reflect Kosinski's tale. All three works remain true to Zuštiak's history of creating works that juxtapose and inundate the senses with multiple production elements framing choreography that extends beyond the limits of the body, exploring the contradiction of individual will versus images of bodies moved around as by a larger force of fate. The project will eventually conclude with an online and published multimedia "diary" inspired by the performances, and will be available for touring in parts and as a whole: The Painted Bird Trilogy.